The Groove Masters


Comprised of seasoned players, Dave and The Groove Masters blend a personable performance style, sense of humor and a signature sound that mixes high level musicianship and communication with a dynamic, groove-oriented rhythm.  At the end of the day, they connect directly with the crowd and play the room - Everyone is a part of the act!

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Dave Taylor has been playing guitar since the age of 12.  He studied piano and guitar, and has played professionally since 1978.

Dave's worked over the years with rock, r&b, jazz, blues, fusion and soul bands, and currently fronts this, his own band, as well as doing sideman duties with other area bands.  The Groove Masters feature some of the top talented local and world renown seasoned, live and session players in the area on keyboards, bass and drums. 

Dave's also had the honor and good fortune of working with many highly respected and incredibly talented, world-class players.  Performers like Sweet Sam Meyers, Bugs Henderson, Andrew Junior Boy Jones, Keri Lepai, Jackie Don Loe, Jim Suhler, Joey Love, Texas Slim, The Silvertones, Lou Hampton, Bobby Patterson, Jackie Don Loe, Buddy Whittington, Lance Lopez, Pat Boyack, Brian “Hashbrown” Calway, Andrea Dawson, Harold Walker, Tommy “Thrill” Hill, and many other blues, blues-rock and soul legends. 

In addition to The Groove Masters, Dave also co-founded and worked for 19 years with private party rock and soul band, “The Fins”, co-founded southern rock band, “Revival”, and is a member of legendary & notorious local blues cartel, "The  Barflies". 

Dave also co-founded “The North Texas All Stars” with Jackie Don Loe.  Made up of seasoned players with high levels of musicianship and professional experience, The All Stars shared many of the same high-performance traits as The Groove Masters.








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